Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who, me?!

I'm just going to pretend that I didn't just take a 6 month+ reprieve from blogging about my life for a minute and get right into the nitty gritty. But first I have to say: holy hell, what has blogger done with everything?! I can't figure out what's what anymore.

Ok great, onwards!

I've been super busy with the business and chasing around a toddler and house hunting and all that good stuff. We've just started dipping our toes into the water and it's a pretty terrible process - all of a sudden it's turned into a seller's market and there is NO inventory. Hello banks, release some more of those short sales you've got there in your shadow inventory, will ya!? Prices are starting to creep upwards and we're starting to break a sweat. You know, good things.

The reason I really logged in today is to put down on paper (well e-paper that is) all the amazing things Gabriella says. She talks ALL the time, puts together 3 word sentences, and is generally a hysterical character. We went through a period of time around 1 1/2 (omg now we can't really count by months anymore, can we?!) where she was beating me up a little and was a total daddy's girl. Now she is just the sweetest thing ever. She hasn't wacked me in months (score!) and loves spending time with both of us. She melts everyone's hearts around her when she arbitrarily goes up to someone in the family and grabs their hand to drag them to just where she wants them to stand. She pretends she's a puppy and jumps all over us, pretend licking us until our sides hurt from laughter. Anyway, as I have very little time to keep up with this old beloved blog of mine, I'd like to at least check in periodically to update on little anecdotes from our day to day lives, as well as favorite words and phrases of hers at the moment. I knew I'd regret not writing EVERYTHING down the last few months, but at least it's never too late to start!

This will be scattered (just as I am at the moment) so bare with me! I'm really only talking to myself since I doubt there are any readers left ;-)

Me (to Gabriella): What kind of animal is mommy?
Gabriella (with conviction): A cow!
*cue Adam laughing his head off*
Me (hopefully): What kind of animal is daddy?
Gabriella: Soup!

**quick pause for digression**
She is OBSESSED with Mickey. He, along with Minnie and the clubhouse gang are her world. (Her 2nd party is going to be Minnie themed, therefore). She's also just gotten into the Disney princesses. Ariel is her favorite, though she's taken to calling all of them Snow White. More specifically, white princess! (we should probably work on that).

We visited Disneyland a week ago and she had the time of her life. We ate at Ariel's grotto and she got to meet all the princesses (she gave Ariel the longest hug and would NOT let go! Luckily Ariel loved her.) She also met Minnie (!!) and we did a character breakfast as well at Goofy's Kitchen, which was so much fun for her. This was our first time staying overnight, and the Grand Californian hotel does not disappoint. Both Adam and I started tearing up when we saw her face when we rode the first ride at the park (Ariel's ride of course. I think it helped that we watched The Little Mermaid two days before we went. It's also the first movie that she's ever watched in its entirity.)

**resume randomness**

She loves french fries like her daddy (uh oh!). So anytime she sees a fast food bag, she starts asking excitedly for "Fwies!?" "Fwies?!" Mo fwies?!!!" All fast food is also called "Donalds!"

Milk is - meeeeeuuuk. Usually asked for with that loooong stretch of vowels. ;-) She's on non-fat milk now, per the pedi's suggestion. And still drinking from a straw like a champ of course.

Often when she wakes up from a nap the first word out of her mouth is MICKEY!

She has a wee bit of an accent. She kind of sounds like a little baby Borat. I bet she picked it up from my dad who watches her while I'm at work. :-)

She loves her booooks. (like boo with a k sound, not the bughk way most people say it. And yes, I'm clearly horrible at spelling things out phoenetically!)

She also loves Doc McStuffins on Disney Jr. She calls her "stuppens!"\

Not really that into Sesame Street though, and we haven't watched the Wiggles in months and months.

She sings bits of "tinkle star" to us. :-)

She can count to 18!

wan, tree, four, fie, six, seven, eight, nine, eleben, twelve, eighteen, *random babbles*

She totally refuses to acknowledge the number 2 or 10.

She saw a playing card and quickly exclaimed "queen!". My father just might be teaching her poker when I'm not around.

She loves the pool and has been doing great in her swimming lessons! Such a little fishy.
Her first sentence was "Wash your hands!" While playing at her play kitchen sink.

Her night habits haven't been the greatest as of late. She's been waking up in the middle of the night every couple of nights crying, so we bring her into bed with us. It's both awesome sleeping with her, and terrible because, well, she kicks and prefers to sleep perpendicular to us. Fair trade I guess ;-)

She calls every little kid she sees a baby, especially if they're bigger than her.

I haven't given potty training much thought but maybe I should? She always goes off to a corner to do her business and is downright indignant if you accuse her of pooping.

"Gigi are you poopi-"
(very quickly) "No!"

She has 16 teeth and they look glorious. She sometimes enjoys us brushing her teeth but she'd really much rather do it herself (chew on the brush that is).

She's in size 4T in some tops (that little pot belly needs covering!) and 3T in most everything else. Size 8 shoes and size 5 diapers (we tried a box of size 6 but they were just a wee bit too big). Growing like a weed!

Goes down easily for her nap, which is around 3 hours long on average, sometimes longer (the warmer weather must make her sleepy).

She tries to get into everything still, and is still trying to figure out how to escape her crib. I'd prefer to leave her in there until she's 8 but we may have to think about converting to a toddler bed in the coming months. Scary!

If Adam or I are not home, and she's asked where we are, the answer is "mommy's sleeping!" "daddy's sleeping!"

After waking up from a nap, if we go into her room too soon she requests for us to leave, ever so politely. "GO!"

Girl likes her "me" time I guess!

Whew! OK I'm spent. I'm sure I will think of many many more things to add, but for now I'm glad I got some updates written. She'll be 2 in a few weeks, so party planning is well underway!

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